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Issac Roman

Customer Success Strategist

Isaac is a dedicated professional with a wealth of experience in customer success management. Currently serving as an Enterprise Customer Success Manager at MindTickle in the San Francisco Bay Area, Isaac has been instrumental in empowering customer-centric organizations and driving revenue growth.

Since joining MindTickle in December 2019, Isaac has played a vital role in helping customers maximize the value of the platform and achieve customer-facing excellence. He works closely with clients, guiding them through the entire post-sale customer lifecycle, including onboarding, upselling, contract renewals, and project management. Isaac's responsibilities also encompass conducting demos, workshops, and trainings to ensure clients are fully equipped to utilize the platform's capabilities. Furthermore, he collaborates cross-functionally with engineering, product, finance, and marketing teams to enhance the platform's features and provide valuable product feedback.

Prior to his current role, Isaac worked as an Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Figure Eight in the San Francisco Bay Area. During his two-year and three-month tenure, he managed a portfolio of 20-30 accounts, including Fortune 500 clients. Isaac successfully navigated the entire customer lifecycle, including renewals, and effectively delivered on customer objectives, such as onboarding, project management, and collaboration. He showcased his exceptional communication and presentation skills by conducting demos, workshops, and trainings for new users. Isaac also played a crucial role in gathering product feedback and collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to ensure customer success.

Before joining Figure Eight, Isaac served as a Customer Success Manager, where he assisted leading enterprises in generating high-quality customized data for their machine learning initiatives. He played a pivotal role in automating business processes by deploying models and integrated Human-in-the-Loop workflows. Isaac's efforts contributed significantly to the advancement of the AI revolution.

Isaac's professional journey began as a Sales Recruiter at Betts Recruiting, where he managed the hiring process for sales engineering, sales operations, and product management professionals. He collaborated with high-growth tech companies to identify top talent and provided coaching throughout the hiring cycle.

Furthermore, Isaac served as a Customer Escalations Manager at Captora, where he improved the company's SLA response time and ensured that support activities were executed efficiently. He closely interacted with customers, identified product issues, and provided technical solutions to optimize their use of Captora's solutions.

Isaac's experience also includes working as an Assistant Product Manager at ClearSlide, Inc., where he demonstrated his skills in product and project management, data analysis, and cross-functional collaboration. He played a pivotal role in driving the development of internal tools and facilitating communication between teams.

Throughout his career, Isaac has consistently delivered exceptional results, built strong relationships with clients, and demonstrated a passion for customer success. His diverse background and expertise make him a valuable asset in driving business growth and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Issac Roman
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