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Peter Ryther

Sales Lead Strategist

Peter is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in enterprise sales. He currently serves as a Senior Enterprise Account Executive at Outreach, a full-time position he has held since October 2020. Based in New York, New York, Peter's role involves developing and nurturing relationships with key clients, driving revenue growth, and ensuring customer success.

Before joining Outreach, Peter held the position of Director, Enterprise Sales at Degreed, another prominent organization in New York. During his five-month tenure from June 2020 to October 2020, he leveraged his sales expertise to cultivate new business opportunities and forge strategic partnerships.

Prior to his time at Degreed, Peter honed his sales skills at Greenhouse Software, where he worked as a Manager in the Sales department for two years and ten months. His responsibilities included managing a team, implementing sales strategies, and driving revenue targets.

Peter's journey in the sales field began as an Account Executive, MSE (Mid-Sized Enterprise), where he excelled in a full-time role for two years and six months. This position provided him with valuable experience in managing client relationships, closing deals, and consistently exceeding sales targets.

Earlier in his career, Peter held the position of Director, Enterprise Sales at Hanover Research for a duration of eleven months. In this role, he demonstrated his ability to drive sales growth, develop sales pipelines, and effectively communicate the value proposition of the company's services.

Throughout his career, Peter has showcased a strong commitment to delivering exceptional results, building long-lasting client relationships, and adapting to evolving market dynamics. His wealth of experience and proven track record make him a valuable asset in the field of enterprise sales.

Peter's expertise, combined with his passion for driving business success, positions him as a skilled professional capable of navigating the complex landscape of enterprise sales. With a relentless drive for excellence, he continues to make significant contributions to the organizations he serves.


Peter Ryther
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